Japanese culture is at the heart of the Main Matsuri Event GmbH. And it's this which we want to share with you. Japan events tend to be rather specialized, so we would like to take this opportunity to reach an audience that has had little contact with Japanese culture until now. That is why we bring together Japanese institutions, associations and organisations under one roof to organise this large Japan festival in the Frankfurt am Main metropolis. This is a festival that inspires everyone, leaving a lasting positive impression on young and old.

Our festival goers are particularly interested in music and food. As traditional Japanese music may sound a bit inaccessable for those who are unfamilar with it, we choose art forms and artists that combine tradition with modern elements - building a bridge between the cultures. And even though sushi and sashimi are already well known, Japanese cuisine has so many more facets. You can look forward to new tasty discoveries at the many food stalls..

In short, we love Japanese culture and with Main Matsuri we want to offer you a phenomenal festival, including many other Japan-related events.

Dec. 4, 2023